Sartre and Time’s equation

In the previous century Sartre, a French philosopher and political activist, wrote a book titled “Being and Nothingness” in which emphasize is placed on the confusion about Time. Thinking of time in a materialistic way brings the issue back to Time as principally motion.
Making Time a part of the force of Gravity can be expressed as Gravity over light equals Time (G/L=T).
Next time we will explore how this functions in the real world.

Gravity, not Motion

Our understanding of Time has made it dependent on movement. All of the misunderstanding has this at the root. The hands of the clock move, the planets move, and the day is a theater of movements in our small world. It is natural to conceive of Time as the movement through our world. However, since ancient times this coupling of Time with movement has caused problems.
Zeno, a philosopher in ancient Greece, pointed out that the partitioning of Time as units and in a continuum creates an inaccurate idea of motion for the observer, a paradox.
The proposal to exchange gravity for motion in the Time equation solves this persistent problem.
Next, I will discuss an equation for Time.

Past, Present, and Future

Today I am beginning a series of posts which deal with Time. Most of us know the adage ‘time is of the essence’, well the truth of this is about to become clear.
First idea to impart is that Time does exist outside of the human experience. I’m going to let this become owned by many of the readers before moving on since this is critical to understanding the main points of this series.

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